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July 7, 2010

10 Things For Children To Do In The Fun City Of Paris

Your kids can really have loads of fun in the "city of lights" – Paris! Located in the north of France, on the river Seine, Paris certainly is one of the most fantastic and romantic cities of the world. The French capital is a real wonderland for children. So, if you are planning for fun vacations for your kids, Paris is the perfect destination. Here are 10 fun things that your children can do in Paris.

Your children can really have a great fun at Disneyland Paris. One of the major attractions of Paris, Disneyland Paris is a wonderful holiday and recreation resort in Marne-la-Vallée. Located 32 km. (20 miles) from the centre of Paris, the park has everything to please people of all ages, particularly children. Disneyland Resort Paris features two theme parks, an entertainment district, and seven Disney-owned hotels.

Walt Disney Studios Park is another great place for kids. It’s a fantastic theme park where your kids can have great fun. It is the second theme park of Disneyland Resort Paris, but an entirely separate park to the original Disneyland Park located next door. Walt Disney Studios Park has 4 themed lands that are officially called “Studio Lots”. Top attractions of the theme park are Front Lot, Disney Studio 1, Earfell Tower, Frontlot Square, and Toon Studio.

Asterix Amusement Park, located approximately 35 km (20 miles) north of Paris, also has loads of fun stored for your kids. It is a theme amusement park based on the stories of Asterix. It is especially well known for its large variety of roller-coasters. Some of the attractions of Asterix amusement park are, Tonnerre de Zeus, Goudurix, Oxygénarium, Transdémonium, la Trace du Hourra, la Galère, Menhir express, and Grand splatch.

Kids can also visit Jardin d’Acclimatation, a kind of amusement park with a menagerie and other attractions located in the northern part of the Bois de Boulogne, next to Neuilly, in Paris. It is a park just for kids. Some of its attractions include Le Petit Train, La Riviere Enchantee, Le Village Des Maneges, Les Aires De Jeux, La Pataugeoire, Les Miroirs Deformants, Le Theatre De Guignol, Le Club Hippique, Le Jardin De Seoul, Le Musee En Herbe, Le Golf Du Jardin, La Prevention Routiere, and Le Cirque.

If you want your kids learn something useful, Le Musee En Herbe is excellent place, which boasts an educational concept that aims to give young children a new understanding of their artistic and ethnologic heritage. Created in 1975, the museum has a permanent exhibition that lets children discover art in a playful way; however the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions on various themes. The museum has workshops twice a week, and birthday parties can be arranged on Saturdays.

Next to the Jardin d’Acclimatation, Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires is the museum of folk arts and traditions exhibiting an impressive variety of artifacts, from beautifully carved marionettes to 18th-century waffle irons. The museum is a great place for kids, and it’s a favorite destination for school field trips.

Grévin Wax Museum, located on the Grands Boulevards on the right bank of the Seine in Paris, is really a wonderful place for children’s amusement. The museum housed in a baroque architecture features a mirage room and a theater for magic shows. The museum is interesting and funny place with its magic tricks and deforming mirrors. It was in this museum, the first animated film Pauvre Pierrot was shown by Charles-Émile Reynaud.

Palais de la Porte Doree- Aquarium Tropical – Avenue Daumesnil, Paris, is a wonderful place to visit either before or after a visit to the nearby parc Zoologique de Paris. Here, Kids can watch a wide range of aquatic animals and sea creatures, such as Colossoma pacu, Cichlids, Cardinal Tetra and lots more. The Circular aquarium where the Nile crocodiles reside is very popular with kids.

Parc Zoologique de Paris is a modern zoo big enough (1,200 animals) to keep your kids occupied for an afternoon. Here, kids can watch wild animals in their natural habitat. Le Grand Rocher, a cool climbing tower offers a great view of the lions, tigers, bears, elephant, pelicans, seals, sea lions, etc. Located in the middle of the Bois de Vincennes, on Paris’s far eastern side, the zoo has picnic areas on-site as well as a snack bar.

Champs-Elysées is another nice place for children. Featuring cinemas, cafés, and luxury specialty shops, the Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous streets in the world. Kids can enjoy eating and watching popular movies at the Paris Cinemas, such as Cinéma Le Rex, Action Ecoles, Champo, and Grand Action.

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie/Parc de la Villette is a wonderful contemporary science complex that offers synergistic shows on everything from outer space to genetically manipulated plants. The complex features planetarium, movie cinemas, 10 themed gardens, an aquarium, and an adventure playground planned particularly for 3- to 12-year-old kids. On the complex’s east side is Explora, which exhibits models, robots, interactive games, demonstrates scientific techniques, and presents subjects that include the universe, the earth, the environment, space, computer science, and health. The Children’s City is divided into exhibits including: Machines and Mechanisms, the Living Species, and Techniques of Communications. There is a separate exhibit on electricity, and there is also a small section reserved for 3- to 5-year-old kids.

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