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March 24, 2010

A Paris Vacation Beyond the Ordinary

… of having it rush by as you hit up attraction after attraction. So what then should you do for the ultimate Paris vacation? Quite possibly less than you ever imagined…

Depending on your particular interests, there is a touristy …

March 23, 2010

Want to Know About the Mind-boggling Paris Hotels?

… towers, historical museums, beautiful prestigious and busy crossroads. These Comments Off

Dealing with emotional eating

… things your mother would not approve of.

Remember stress is nothing but your body saying “You need a vacation girl” you don’t have to go to Paris, You can vacation in your own back yard. All you need is a lounge chair and a shade tree.

March 22, 2010

Cheaper Flights over the Atlantic? The Open Skies Agreement.

… will take place within the open skies agreement or other open aviation area-type pacts, it says.

A choice selection of cheap flights?

The most obvious advantage of the agreement for UK flyers is that there will be significantly …

Paris Tours By Boat – Two Ideas You’ll Love!

… of them, and maybe it’ll be something you choose to do when you visit the City of Love.


Paris Tours

Champagne Cruise


Two of my friends were arriving in Paris from different points of the globe – one …

Vacation Like you Mean It in a Paris Apartment

… time to go online and research the Comments Off

March 21, 2010

Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget

… few quid without having to settle for squalor, you can’t go wrong with these. Having successfully ferried hundreds of passengers in my Paris airport transfers, I have a good idea of which hotels to rate and which ones to avoid, and all of these get …

Flying to Paris from New York City

… not only in being punctual but comfort. LAvion return flight leaves Paris at 2:50pm and arrives in Newark at 5:45pm. The flight to Paris to avoid at all costs is Air France 6pm departure which is delayed over 80 percent of the time.

Paris Vacation Rentals

… to sleep at night. In complete contrast, Comments Off

Cheap Deal Paris

There are many options if you are looking for a cheap deal Paris. A
cheap weekend break to Paris is very popular as you can fly, take the
train or even the ferry to Paris and also enjoy a Paris hotel discount.The Eurostar to France has a big …

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