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April 11, 2010

A fast food observation

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going out for fast food has many this on demand world it there

but we all know its not healthy..many dont want the mess at home.can you imagine

if your a meat eater the difference between a am/pm mini market chili dog,and one that takes time at home.a store bought farmer johns or a kosher dog is great,we can forgive canned chili. still bad health choice!cancer causing nitrate abound.oh but paris hilton on that horse! carls jr.must be great.hell we all love a good famous grease pit once in a while.{have amodium ad and simethicone ready.i always observed

how gross it is to see people eat this crap.another reason is the poor un educated

in our society.they just want to get by day to day.the other is the flat out poor person.they cant make lavish dinners.maybe nostalgia plays a role. but in the final analysis yuk!

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