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August 16, 2010

A review of the top fine dining restaurants in Atlanta

A Review of the Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Atlanta

Few cities in the United States combine a turbulent, rich, and dramatic history; the smooth and mannered traditions of the Deep South; and fine dining the way Atlanta does. Atlanta offers a diverse array of outstanding restaurants, and emerges as one of the trendiest culinary cities.

Atlanta is ranked fourth in its nation for its restaurants. No trip to Atlanta would be complete without an excursion to one of its amazing restaurants. This article is a brief overview of the best types of restaurants in Atlanta, the kinds of foods that abound, when the best times to arrive at your selected restaurant, and a few introductions to some of Atlanta’s hottest chefs.

Dining in Atlanta is an experience you will not soon forget. Atlanta offers the best in Southern cooking, and local eateries prepare the finest prime steaks and seafood, sided with Southern delights like golden brown biscuits and fried tomatoes, or boiled peanuts and okra. Atlanta’s restaurants offer diverse menus with authentic international dishes, four-star and five-star dining establishments, and southern soul food. Southerners are proud of their food and this is especially true with Atlantans, who typically spend half of their annual food budget on restaurant dining!

Restaurants opening around midday cater to the leisure crowds, and serve short menus of business lunches or selections from a regular lunch menu. Restaurants in Atlanta tend to welcome their first diners at about 6:00 p.m. and remain open until 10:00 p.m. However, an establishment serving wine and beer welcome their customers long after midnight. Atlanta’s breakfast spots are busy feeding their early-rise customers at 7:00 a.m. The price you pay dictates your choiceyou can sip champagne and eat eggs Benedict topped with caviar or munch on a toasted bagel with cream cheese, and sip a cup of coffee. The following three restaurants are examples of only a handful of top-rated restaurants in Atlanta.

Restaurant Eugene is recognized by both local and national critics as one of Atlanta’s best restaurants. Specializing in Southern foods, typical menu items are lamb sweetbreads, scallops, Mississippi rabbit, beef rib eye, and buttermilk soup.

Atlanta Grill serves traditional American and Southern fare, including grilled steaks, chops and seafood along with Southern-inspired dishes. If you combine a casual environment with a laid-back atmosphere, and serve up the most exceptional fine and comfort foods, you have found yourself in the Atlanta Grill.

The Allegro restaurant is an upscale Italian restaurant with a unique angle. Executive Chef Jose Rego will perform magic tricks every night as he stands in his open kitchen for all to see. The pasta is made fresh every day, as well as the homemade bread. The mouthwatering seafood and imported cheeses are the best that money can buy. Top it all off with an amazing Italian wine list and fresh desserts!

Who cooks all this wonderful food? Some of the best chefs around like Chef Mike Schorn and pastry chef Taria Camerino. They are considered the top two chefs in all of Atlanta. Chef Joel creates a fantastic menu that reflects his extensive culinary experience in Paris. Another international star chef is Billy Skiber, who spends his career learning to blend unique dishes from international flavors.

As you can see, Atlanta is a hub of fine dining. This article can only touch the surface of all that Atlanta’s top-rated restaurants have to offer. When you plan your next trip to Atlanta, make a reservation for the meal of a lifetime.

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