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July 9, 2010

Are the most expensive restaurants in the world worth their price tags?

Whether dining at the Ritz in Paris, at the local tavern a few blocks from your house, or elsewhere, all restaurants offer a product – an experience, if you will – that you have bought into by sitting down and ordering from their menu. While the service, ambiance, and cuisine fluctuate in quality to a large extent depending on your choice of venue, they remain key elements upon which one decides if the experience was worth the monetary cost incurred.

Regardless if the occasion calls for a well presented and exquisite meal for business, pleasure, or to solely satisfy your refined palate, the most expensive restaurants take millions of dollars to the bank on a global scale, confident that what they offer is what you want. You bought into it. But is it worth it?

Hype has an important role to play. It has been contended that although the Michelin, Zagat, and other ratings are useful for providing an approximation of what to expect, many blindly follow them in lieu of defining their own standards. Following this logic, then, the rating system is seen as flawless, and, when combined with the natural desire to justify a repast with a costly bill, the price is immediately justified.

The role of hype is not so critical with proper consideration to the diversity of opinions out there. Casting these considerations aside as belittling conjecture and only befitting an individual like Bertie Wooster of the Jeeves novels by Sir P. G. Wodehouse, this demeaning argument unfairly insults the intelligence of the well-to-do who frequent these establishments.

More within your direct control to evaluate is the situation you and your guests find themselves in. Is the waiting staff properly dressed, timely, polite, and professional? Or are they disorganized and unsure what the specials are or what wine is best paired with your appetizer or entre? Service is the highly visible outward display of how well a restaurant is operated, and at the price tag of one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, it should be nothing less than impeccable.

Is the ambiance warm and inviting? Is the lighting just right to give it that exclusive feel that differentiates itself from your common household dining room? Though likely used to overwhelm cacophonous banter from a table nearby, does ambient noise of a pleasing nature surround you, such as the graceful tones of a grand piano? It should be.

Finally, has what you ordered before you met or exceeded your exact specifications? If given the title as one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, the establishment you have trusted likely has a venerable history of catering to discerning clientele. Surely, you don’t want to be disappointed in the least – especially when it comes to what is on the menu.

The most expensive restaurants in the world attain and maintain their international reputations by offering the very best of service, while keeping ambiance and cuisine to scrupulous standards. Attracting new customers, cultivating old ones, and satisfying everyone is exactly why they are in business. The cuisine and how it is delivered appears to be, and likely is, the benchmark upon which all else rests.

In conjunction with this, attention to every detail is what you have paid for and categorically remains precisely what you expect from the best. This is what distinguishes the most expensive restaurants in the world from the rest. We’ve all been to over-priced, over-hyped, substandard restaurants and regretted it. Yes all of this comes at a cost, but if provided with a dining experience as exacting as your specifications are, to whatever degree that may be, the cost is very much worth it.

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