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April 5, 2010

Best airports for duty

Duty free shops are an inherent part of magic of travel. The first duty free shop operated in 1947 at Shannon airport in Ireland. Since then all the big airports around the globe established duty free shops, where passengers can buy anything they wish simply by demonstrating their boarding pass. Of course, duty free shops cannot satisfy extreme consumer needs. For example, each passenger has the right to buy a carton of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, one litre of alcohol drink (above 22 degrees) or two litres of light alcohol drink such as aperitif, two litres of wine, 250 ml of perfume, 500 grams of coffee, 200 grams tea and so on. Passengers under 18 cannot buy cigarettes or drinks.

Consumer organizations support that in European duty-free shops, consumers can gain 20% on the retail price of perfumes, 60% on the retail price of drinks and 5% on the retail price on compact discs. According to the “Grand Reportages” magazine, the best European duty-free shops, in terms of prices, are those of Dublin, Athens, Madrid and Paris airports, while the most expensive ones are those of Frankfurt and London airports.

Particularly, for cigarettes, duty free shops in Madrid, Lisbon and Athens are the cheapest, while duty free shops in London are the most expensive. For cheaper prices in drinks, passengers prefer the airports of Milan, Athens and Madrid while by no means they should they buy alcohol from Brussels, Frankfurt and London. For good prices in perfumes, the most affordable duty free shops are those of Dublin, Athens and Milan, while for compact discs passengers prefer Dublin and Milan. Also, for digital cameras and films, the cheapest duty free shops are those of Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Brussels and London.

Around the globe, the cheapest duty free shops are those of Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports. In those duty free shops passengers may also find exotic fruits, caviar, golf equipment and groundbreaking pc models. Particularly, in Dubai, duty free shops organize a lottery where passengers may earn luxury cars such as BMW, Porsche or Mercedes.

For delicatessen, passengers can find lobsters packed in special packing in Boston duty free shops, sachertorte – the famous Austrian sweet – in Vienna airport, packed in special packing so that it can be transported easily, frozen crabs and smoked salmon in San Francisco, Dublin, and Lisbon, and smoked fish and jam in Copenhagen. Also, for those passengers who love the flowers, the best duty free shops are those of Bangkok where numerous types of splendid orchids can be found and of Amsterdam where passengers can buy tulips and diamonds. For passengers who love the art, in duty free shops of Chicago airport, there are copies of American Indian art, while in London and Paris airports there are copies of the greatest French and British museums.

Finally, in Abu Dhabi and in Brussels duty free shops, children may find the best comics series, while in Gatwick airport in London, Nike has established the only duty free shop around the globe.

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