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June 24, 2010

Car Hire: Top Tips for Driving in France

Driving in France can be an equally daunting and pleasurable experience, depending greatly on the location.

Whether you find yourself cruising down the endless country roads or flying around Nice or Paris during rush hour, it’s vital that you’re clued up on a number of factors.

To begin with the minimum driving age is 18 and insurance coverage isn’t usually a problem as any motorists who have motor insurance within the UK will automatically have third party cover in France.

It’s important to ensure that the tank is always kept relatively full as finding a petrol station in the country can be difficult. Also, a great deal of stations close at 6 pm and on Sundays.

It is a legal requirement to have all of the cars paperwork and a valid driving licence to hand when driving in France, as it must be produced if stopped and requested by the police. When hiring, a passport is also required.

Hiring a car in France is generally quite easy, with a number of large car hire firms having a well established network of outlets throughout the country. This means it’s often possible to pick up a car at one location, and drop it off at another – making cross country travel a breeze.

Once on the road, there a few important things to remember

  • Its compulsory to stop at STOP signs, failure to do so can result in a fine
  • Fines for drink driving and speeding are both large and instant
  • Clamping within “pay and display” areas is becoming increasingly common for motorists that fail to pay
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to drive on the right!

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