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March 21, 2010

Cheap Deal Paris

There are many options if you are looking for a cheap deal Paris. A
cheap weekend break to Paris is very popular as you can fly, take the
train or even the ferry to Paris and also enjoy a Paris hotel discount.The Eurostar to France has a big advantage over flying as the direct
high speed train service can get you to Paris in just over 2 hours !
This is normally the time you would need to be at the airport before
you even board your flight to Paris. Making a Eurostar reservation is
easy and you can avoid all the hassle of airport check in security
procedures.Taking the ferry is another option if you want to take your own car
but if you are only planning a weekend break to Paris it is hardly
worth the hassle. As with most major cities car parking in Paris is
not easy so why not travel in style with the Eurostar to France.

Another option for a weekend break in Paris is Disney Land Paris as
the Eurostar Disney train can take you directly to Disney Land Paris.
Why not surprise the kids and tell them they are going to Paris and
take the Disney Eurostar train ?

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