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May 22, 2010

Cocktail recipes: Paris Hilton

In the face of Paris Hilton’s drinking and driving incident(s) (along with several other run-ins with the law) it was only a matter of time before some bored bartender somewhere came up with a drink in honor of the blond socialite. Make as follows…

Ingredients Needed:

1 oz vodka

1 splash UV orange vodka

1 oz regular Mountain Dew

Mixing Instructions:

Pour vodka over ice cubes/crushed ice in a cocktail/collins/plastic glass/cup. Add a splash or two of UV orange vodka, top with mountain dew, and serve.

The upside of this drink is it is simple and easy, just as the name implies. The downside of the ‘Paris Hilton’ is that it does not have a lot of kick and no man, of legal drinking age, would be caught drinking this (no offense to my female readers, it’s just true.) Upon saying that, if you ladies want to get wasted mix in a couple of shots between drinks and in no time you will be dancing on tables and acting a fool just like Paris Hilton!

Enjoy the ‘Paris Hilton’ now because most fad drinks appear and disappear and in no time you will be reading an article entitled: ‘Drink recipes: Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan’ or whatever retarded star decides to play out their train wreck lives in front of the camera. Remember though: do not drink and drive! Bottoms up!?!

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