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March 23, 2010

Dealing with emotional eating

Emotional eating, or overeating is not always about physical hunger. It tends to deal with trying to satisfy an emotional craving that is all in the mind. Emotional eating is something like a security blanket or pacifier for some of us. We eat to drown the pain that we sometimes keep bottled up.

We use “comfort foods” to help relieve stress and anger. These “comfort foods” usually include:

1) Ice cream

2) Cake

3) Cookies

4) Potato chips

5) Candy Bars.

Dealing with emotional eating is not one of those things you want to go at alone. Seeking professional help should be first priority. Also, make sure you tell someone really close to you, who is not too judgemental about your problem. Reach out and ask them for their help. Whenever you feel like you are going on a binge call up or talk to that person.

Stress is something that happens to the best of us. The best way to deal with it is to first clear your mind. Then address the problem. Take it one step at a time, and don’t try to overwhelm yourself. Somethings just can’t be fixed over night.

Here are some steps that may also help you cope with stress one of the main causes of emotional eating:

1) Keep a diary

Keeping a diary is not just for school aged girls. what better way to get out all those bottled up emotions. Write down whatever you want and let it all out. (Just remember to keep you diary in a safe place under lock and key)

2) Take a jog, or walk

It’s a known fact that walking or jogging releases stress and is a great way to tone up and get a new attitude.

3)Get twisted.

No, not really but signing up for a local yoga class might help release some stress and the meditation is heavenly.

4)Get outdoors

Staying inside is a great way for you and the fridge to may a connection. Get out of the house and look around meet people and smile.

5)Have a hug

Whether its a teddy bear or your husband getting hugged is a good way to feel loved and stress free, I even read that the chemicals given off by a mans hair helps releive stress (how strange).

6)Don’t give a damn.

I meant every bit of that. Stop worrying so much babe and loosen up. You’d better believe that worrying is not a cure for problems, its a road to heart attacks and Grey hair. Chill out have a big dose of “who cares”

7) Last but not least

Go dancing, buy yourself a new dress, flirt with that cute guy in the mail room. Be happy! that’s what I wanted to say. Being a Grim Gretta is such a downer. Laugh at a lame joke, Kiss and tell, Do things your mother would not approve of.

Remember stress is nothing but your body saying “You need a vacation girl” you don’t have to go to Paris, You can vacation in your own back yard. All you need is a lounge chair and a shade tree.

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