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August 21, 2010

Disneyland Paris Tips From Auto Plan Holidays

Two parks price of one.

Many people are not aware that Disneyland Paris offers two separate entertainment parks. The one every knows is the main Disneyland Park with it’s fairyland Castle, “Main Street” parades, shows and rides.

The other is Disney Studios which as the name suggests centres on the Disney movies and are themed on films and feature length cartoons for which Disney is so famous and allows visitors to discover the secrets and special effects in film making.

However the park offers more- there is the Twilight Zone tower of Terror- a heart wrenching 13 storeys drop at the speed of gravity – but not just once -you get a second go!

A less scary Crush’s coaster when this comic turtle takes you on an underwater tour. Whilst for extra thrills are the Rock & Roller Coaster.

For the little ones, some fun with the little Alien “Stitch” to make you laugh or Flying Carpets a magic carpet ride over Arabia.

There are also scenes from the Disney hit High School Musical also a studio Tram tour and Stunt show spectaculars.

Tickets tips: we advise clients to only purchase “Hopper tickets” many UK visitors go to the Disneyland Paris web site and see the daily ticket prices. However these cheaper one-day admission tickets only allow entrance to one park or the other (NOT BOTH). The more expensive “hopper” ticket allows entrance to both parks on the same day. For example if the weather was unkind you, might be better off in the Studios Park and skip the rain.

Other ticket offers for longer stays than two days there are “4for3″ and “5for4″ tickets, which offer one day free.

Hotels: As well as the seven Disneyland Paris properties there are four independent hotels, which are on Disney property, and all offer free shuttle services as the hotels are about a mile from the main Disney entrance gates.

Getting there:

Auto Plan offers four options:-

SELF DRIVE via Euro Tunnel or ferry. Disneyland Paris is about 20 miles east of Paris just off the A4 auto route from Paris to Reims. Driving time from Calais is about three hours (210 miles)- but do not exceed the speed limit of 78 miles per hour!
Police radar traps are common and your toll ticket can also be a giveaway for excess speed. The fines can be heavy and vary, being dependent on the speed at which you get caught!

DIRECT COACH to Disneyland Paris with connections to Dover from most towns and cities in the UK. However because of the driving time these three and four-day packages offer only two days in the park but also include a days visit to Paris on the extended packages. They are hassle free trips almost door to door-but you do need to like bus travel.

Travel is fast and direct from Londons St Pancras – a state of the art rail station direct to Disney station, which is beneath the main gates to the park. Travel time is under three hours and quite possible to stay only two nights and obtain three days in the parks. The train departs once daily 08.27 hours and returns at 19.37 hours arriving back into London at 21.13 hours.

We offer Disneyland Paris packages, which have a small advantage in that your luggage is transported to your chosen hotel and children can on certain conditions travel free (from January 04 to 02 April). However these offers are scarce on week ends and at popular travel times. So the advice is BOOK EARLY!

FLIGHTS; We offer flights from almost every Regional airport in the UK to Paris
Charles de Gaulle. Disneyland Paris coaches run shuttle services from both airports (Charles de Gaulle and Orly) direct to your hotel or park gates.


Taking a day off from Disneyland Paris and making a visit to Paris is really easy.
The RER rail service operates directly from under the Main Disney entrance gates.
Trains run every 15 minutes at peak times directly to Gare de Lyon which is the most central part of Paris and about half mile walk to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Ilea de la Cite. For those wanting the Louvre Museum, it may be best to change at this station and take the metro to the station of the same name.

Whilst the A line goes directly to central Paris the return trip is not so clear. On the return journey the A line splits at station just past Vincennes and you need to ensure that you are travelling back to Disney on the station “Marne le Vallee Chessy” – if you board the train featuring “Boissy St Leger” also Line A you have the wrong train!!

Prices; Far from clear, because the Paris RER is split into zones. Disneyland is in Zone 5. The single one-way fare from Zone 5 to Zone 1(i.e. Gare de Lyon) is about 5.00 per adult.

If you want to visit other parts of Paris there is a Transit Paris ticket which costs 18 euros(about 14.60) and 9 euros(around 7.30) for under 12 year olds. This allows unfettered use of all zones(1-6) for one day.

What ever method of travel chosen one thing is for sure your family whatever their age, will enjoy the Disney experience!

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