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April 14, 2010

Eating in Paris (gastronomical Guide)

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One can’t avoid eating. There are 2 ways of taking meal: one can eat just to refuel the organism and to get pleasure from the process of eating. Paris is the kind of place where you obligatory ought to give a gastronomical treat to your body.

Once in a restaurant you can face up a difficulty: the menu is in French. To sit in confusion with the waiter looking at you is not the best situation one can imagine. It’s a shame to eat the dishes you didn’t want to order but had to just because you didn’t understand a single word! Besides if ordering at random you will go over your budget without tasting what you wanted to try in the French capital.

That’s why it will be useful to study the list of the most popular with the French dishes, drinks, vegetables and desserts on the Internet beforehand.

And some more words about the menu («a la carte» in French). At noon many restaurants offer fixed menus: menu midi, menu du jour. It’s not necessarily worse than a la carte but it’s a guarantee of a quickly service. One can also find menu fixe and formule. These are menus which include a standard set of dishes that can be ordered at any time. Bear in mind that a standard French dinner is very substantial and consists of three dishes plus a dessert. As a rule, the tips are included into the bill so there’s no need to leave a waiter more than 1-2 euro.

If you’re so full that you can’t eat your dessert at the restaurant then go to one of the numerous chocolate shops, choose sweets to your liking and eat them at the hotel. By the way French chocolate is a nice souvenir for all your relatives and friends. One of the best chocolate shops is Les chocolats Foucher (there are two shops of this brand: at avenue de l’Opéra and at rue du Bac ). Besides in these shops you can buy black, red and green tea in a smart wrapping.

Don’t forget to buy cheese! The French say there’s 365 kinds of cheese in France, just like the days in the year. In fact there’s much more. Interesting to note that an average Frenchman eats about 30 kg of cheese per year. The French adore cheese. There’s even a monument to the cheese inventor. Here’s a list of the most popular sorts of cheese:

1. Banon

2. Baratte

3. Beaufort

4. Boursault

5. Brebis des Pyrenees

6. Brie de Meaux

7. Brin d’amour

8. Camambert

9. Cantal

10. Chabi

11. Chaource

12. Chevrotin

13. Comte

14. Coulommiers

15. Epoisses

16. Explorateur

17. Fourme d’Ambert

18. Gaperon

19. Langres

20. Livarot

21. Maroilles

22. Mimolette

23. Munster

24. Neufchatel

25. Picodon

26. Pont-l’Eveque

27. Reblochon

28. Rocamadour

29. Roquefort

30. Saint-Marcellin

31. Saint-Nectaire

32. Tomme de Savoie

33. Trappiste de Laval

So enjoy eating in Paris. Bon appetit!

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