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April 10, 2010

How to Find the Best Deals on Paris Vacation Apartment Rentals

Paris is capital of France and leading vacation destination in the world. Paris’s economy relies heavily on tourism. The majority of tourists visit between the months of October and December. The peak season (a.k.a. “most expensive”) falls between April and June, while the off-season falls between November and February.

There are many reputable companies who offer vacation apartment rentals. However, if you work directly with the owner, you put yourself in position to negotiate a better deal. Property management companies are paid based on commission and not easily persuaded into lowering rates. Additionally, when you are able to speak directly with the owner, you can learn valuable tips about the area, and proximity of attractions you wish to visit during your stay.

Many great vacation apartment rental deals await you via the Internet. Obviously, you’ll need to use caution and thoroughly research the individual you are dealing with. You have the right to conduct a background search and verify references on the person you will be renting from. Reputable individuals will graciously provide you with the information required to conduct a background check. Vacation apartment rental properties can cost more than $1,000 per week. Be certain you know who you are handing your hard-earned cash over to.

There are several reputable travel organizations that can help you put together a vacation package to suit your needs. In order to get the best deal, sign-up as a member. Places like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline and Orbitz are free to join. These types of companies will help you find the best deals on airline tickets, car rentals, sightseeing adventures, and more. However, most do not deal with vacation apartmentrentals. You will need to do that part on your own.

One of the best ways to get a great deal on a vacation apartment rental in Paris is to rent in less populated cities and towns. There are some fabulous finds tucked away in these quaint and charming areas. Generally, the locals are more laid-back and friendly; restaurant prices are lower; and many of the towns and cities are located within 10 to 20 miles of metropolitan cities and major attractions.

Home exchange programs are quickly becoming a favorable option for those who love to travel. Home exchange programs work by bringing together individuals who each own a home in an area the other person(s) wishes to visit.

Let’s say you live in Napa Valley, California and are looking to rent a vacation apartment in Paris. Chances are good that someone with a vacation apartment in Paris is interested in visiting Napa Valley.

Everyone interested in home exchange are able to list information about their property, as well as what they are looking for in exchange. If travel dates and details work out, both parties reside in each other’s home at no cost.

Using a home exchange service can save you thousands in accommodation expenses. There are many reputable home exchange companies available via the Internet. Make certain you thoroughly research the company and understand their policies before committing to using their service. After you have decided upon a company, you will then correspond directly with the owner to make all final arrangements. To learn more about home exchange programs, type in “Vacation Home Exchange” at your favorite search engine.

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