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April 9, 2010

How to save money while visiting Paris

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Paris is a great place to go for a vacation. Going for a vacation is all about having fun and pleasure. You can have an outstanding holiday without any need to shell out many bucks if you are wise and follow some important things.

# You can surf the internet and find out the accommodation rates for different hotels and can choose whichever best suits your need.

# Consider staying in a small area(suburban) as the hotels are cheap in such areas.

# If you are going on a backpacking vacation, hostel can be your ideal accommodation as hostels usually have cheap accommodation rates.

# Hostels offer you complete freedom to do your things freely on your own. Do the washing of your clothes on your own as it saves money.

# It is advisable to know the destinations of different trains for better traveling experience and fast traveling.

# Bus is the most economic means of traveling in Paris. Another best option is underground rail network.

# A very inexpensive way of seeing all or most of city’s museums is by buying the Carte Musees et Monuments museum pass which allows you to get into over sixty museums and monuments without any need to pay any extra money.

# One can cover all the cathedrals and gardens in a single day by traveling in the buses which are specially meant for getting you to all the cathedrals and gardens.

# Take enough money along with you from your home country. Don’t ever exchange the money in Paris as the exchange rates are terrible there.

# If you really want money, then the best option is to draw money with your ATM card or use your credit card.

# Don’t waste your money on food unnecessarily. Food is very expensive in Paris. Try to get hold of a pastry and coffee for breakfast at a local cafe.

# Don’t sit in the restaurant or cafe and just take the food and go out. You can thus avoid paying service charge.

# Have a very good meal for lunch as the prices for lunch are less though they are the same items which are expensive at nights.

# Since you had a good lunch, save money by having a sandwich or a pastry for the dinner. You can go for a slice of pizza as well.

# Don’t go for taxis or cars unless you have to go around countryside. They are really expensive there.

# Always prefer a public transport system like bus or train. They are cheap and safe. Besides this there will be people to give you company on your way.

# Most museums and attractions in Paris offer a great discounts for students with international ID, seniors, and children. Some shops and hotels also offer discounts for these people. Be sure to inquire about it.

# Many museums in Paris don’t cost a dime for visiting on the first Sunday of the month throughout the whole year.

# Plan your vacation in off season as the prices for everything is less then. Paris’s off-season falls between May and October.

# Go for vacation with friends and share the expenses. If you stay in a hostel try to find the people who are visiting the same places you are visiting.

# Many places and transport systems offer discounts for people traveling in groups. You can share the money and reduce the expenses very much.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities and following these steps makes your trip more memorable and makes Paris look more beautiful.

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