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June 14, 2010

Keep your sense of humor when you travel

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You must be in a good humor and be capable to improvise ,when you start to pack for a travel .Planning a wonderful vacation fantastic but the possibility to keep in track on the all time is almost zero . When I made my reservations to the airplane ,hotels , and plane the days to spend in different points ,I had one criteria to choose the airline company and the hotel brand .I have to tell you ,I travel a lot .I traveled in the last twenty years and even when I was not rich , this habit didn’t stop in my all life .Because I’m don’t born in a milliner’s family my first what I carefully watch is the “price” .My travel agent is in a

fright about my call .All the time the conversation going this way:

Hello Eva ,I’m .

-Hi ,do you plan to travel?-Yes ,I want to fly to Europe .-Aha ,so what are you looking for?-Eva , a cheep ticket please .-What airline company?-Cheep ,very cheep!-I’ll try my best .May I call back you?-Of course ,I don’t care if you make a reservation to the airplane’s wing ,but must to be cheep ,very cheep .-

Eva coughing something in the line’s another side and gone .Half hour later the phone ring .

I pick up and Eva’s happy voice on the phone .-I find something! This is the bargain of the year!-You make me happy .Tell me about it .-You have to go from San Diego to Denver ,from Denver to Chicago .From Chicago to New York ,from New York to Paris .

-Stop Eva !You try to tell me I have to change my plane four time to go to Europe?-Yes ,but I have a good news for you! The longest time that you have to wait in New York is five hours .-Fantastic!What about in Paris?-I can’t find yet from Paris ,but I will looking around tomorrow .OK?-Well…All right ,call me in the afternoon .-”Click” I was fell in my chair with my phone in my hand .In my mind I imagined how tired I will be in Paris . No ,I don’t leave from Paris!I decided very fast .I will stay in Paris a week and I will show this brilliant town to my son .He was born in Michigan and never was in France .This should be a crime to fly away without looking around .The contrivance in my brain was ready .The best plan in my life .When Eva called back the next day ,I told for her don’t worry about the Paris-Budapest ticket .I will use a small plane what is good and cheep .Order to me the round trip from Budapest to San Diego .I had a ticket reservation with a small airline company from Paris to Budapest .There was no name….or did I forget ?I never heard about it before .So the time goes

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