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April 23, 2010

Las Vegas Hotel, Paris

Paris, the city of love is beautified with a lot of natural and artificial beauties. Paris Las Vegas Hotel, a dream place to be at, is no exception at all. It is basically a casino and hotel situated on the famous Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, which is both operated and owned by Harrah’s Entertainment. It consists of a half scale, 164.6m (540 feet) high replica of the gorgeous Eiffel Tower and neon sign in the size and shape of the Montgofier balloon, a La Fontaine des Mers replica and a two-third sized Arc de Triomphe. The building façade suggests the Louvre and the Paris Opera House.

Bally’s Entertainment originally announced the project. For Paris Las Vegas Hotel, ground was broken on April 17, 1997. Catherine Deneuve, French Actress turned on all the lights of Paris by flipping a switch. The building’s initial period was under Hilton Hotels. Bally Entertainment was purchased by Hiltons Hotel in 1996. Its casinos were consequently spun off. In 2000, Park Place Entertainment bought Caesars World and in 2004, modified its name to Caesars Entertainment. Then Hilton Hotels started the building, which was originally supposed to be called Paris Hilton, named after the daughter of Mr. Hilton and after that, it was changed to Paris Hotel and Casino. When it inaugurated, The hotel used to run hilarious television commercials all through the United States, which implies that, it had made sure the legitimacy of its reproductions of culture, cuisine and landmarks of Paris. When the replica of the Eiffel Tower was built, it was supposed to be a full scale model. But, as the airport was a bit too near, the model was not built as it was planned. US $785 million was needed to build Paris Las Vegas Hotel which occupies about 97,000 square meters.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel, having a theme of Paris, has 2,916 rooms in total. It has a gaming space of 85000sq. ft. It has a permanent show named “The Producers”. Its main attractions are Experiencing Eiffel Tower and Risque de Paris. It has some magnificent Ortanique, Mon Ami Gabi, Eiffel Tower Restaurant and Les Artistes Steakhouse etc. The rooms of the Paris Casino and Hotel outperform most of the Las Vegas hotels by offering tremendously luxurious and relaxed chambers for the guests. It provides Desk, Air conditioning, In-room safe, Electronic door locks and many lavish facilities. The shopping has reached to a whole new level by the Las Vegas Hotel.

Paris Casino Las Vegas Hotel, comfortable and stylish place to lay bets, fulfilled with fountains, gigantic doorways with lights and a lush interior which is designed to make a person as relaxed as he/ she wants to. This is surely the ultimate place to pass some time if anyone wants to pass a late afternoon within the town.

So, Paris, the city of love is also the city of hotels and casinos, when it comes to Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Whether a person is young or old, he/ she definitely wants to pay a visit there.

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