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May 9, 2010

Paris an Irresistible Charm

The capital city of France is Paris. It is situated on the River Seine in northern France, at the heart of the Region Parisienne.

It has an estimated population of 2,153,600 inhabitants within city limits. The Paris urban area has a population of 9.93 million. A commuter belt around the same completes the Paris metropolitan area with its population of 11.5 million is one of the most populated areas of its kind in Europe.

The city has many of the worlds most visited attractions among them, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre palace, the Notre-Dame cathedral and the near-by Versailles palace are truly unique.

The most famous landmark the Eiffel Tower. It has 360 steps to the 1st level but, of course the most spectacular panorama up at 274m.

A visit to the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral is an absolute must. On the bank a beautiful old square lined with ancient buildings is a wonderful witness to times gone by.

The Beau Bourg centre of contemporary art confirms its resolutely futuristic outlook.

Get a closer look at some monuments by taking a relaxing boat trip along the Seine.

The Moulin Rouge cabaret dancehall is a staged dinner theatre spectacle. A dance display that was once but one aspect of the cabarets former atmosphere. All of the establishments former social or cultural elements, such as its ballrooms and gardens, are gone today.

Much of Paris hotel, restaurant and night entertainment trades have become heavily dependent on tourism, with results not always positive for Parisian culture.

A city of the people and the middle classes, rich and poor, proud and sometimes treacherous, cosmopolitan yet insular. This cultural and sociological mix gives Paris an irresistible charm

The Paris Region is an engine of the global economy, if it were a country it would rank as the sixteenth largest economy in the world. The Paris Region is thus Frances premier centre of economic activity.

Paris is served by two principal airports Orly Airport, which is south of Paris, and the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in nearby Roissy en France, one of the busiest in Europe.

The city is also the hub of Frances motorway network It has an extensive road network with over 2000 kilometres of major roads and highways.

In Paris there are great hotels offers, from cheap to luxury hotels and a wide variety of accommodation and hotel options for the business traveller, as well as for vacation purposes. With over two hundred independent hotels to choose, you can be sure to select the perfect accommodation for your trip in France.

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