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March 28, 2010

Paris is the Pink Choice

Paris welcomes gays! With the blessing of many Paris citizens, gay culture is the fabric of trendy Le Marais.. Just spend a Sunday shopping in bustling gay Marais.

Paris has 20 Arrondissements or districts. Each Paris district has its own unique character, and it helps to understand the Paris districts. 16th, 17th, & 8th (Etoile, Arc de Triomphe, Champ-Elysees)If you want to be near the the Arc de Triomphe (at one end of the Ave. Champs Elysees).1st (Concorde, Tulieries, Louvre)to be near the Louvre, The most acclaimed museum. 9th (Opera)to be near the world famous Paris Opera, and the infamous Paris department stores Galleries Lafayette and Printemps.

6th (St. Germain) is the most requested Paris arrondissement because of the multitude of charming boutiques, restaurants, bars and art galleries. The 5th (Latin Quarter, Notre Dame ) is famous for Paris antiques, and its many restaurants and it proximity to Notre Dame. 4th (le Marais) is known as the pulse of Paris. Le Marais is the only Paris neighborhood happening on Sundays and best of all it is recognized as the mecca of gay Paris.

The best thing to do is avoid Paris hotels and book a vacation apartment in Paris. For luxury dwellers, check out Paris Luxe Apartments and those on a budget visit, Book Your Apt . Before you book, make sure to know exactly what you are renting. Most buildings in Paris have a courtyard of some sort. So something to consider if you are not from a big city, is to look for Paris apartments with bedrooms which face the courtyard, thus minimizing nighttime noise.

What floor? 1st floor, means you have to go up one floor (NOT the ground floor). Is there an elevator? Many buildings in Paris don’t have elevators, or have VERY small ones. If you are visiting Paris in the summer, find out if the Paris apartment has air conditioning (it is unlikely).

If not, make sure it is an old Paris building (made of stone), then open the windows first thing in the morning, and close the exterior window shades once the sun fully comes up. Most old Paris buildings can manage to stay cool for 24-36 hours. It is only if there is a heat wave where there may be a problem keeping a Paris apartment cool.

If you are visiting Paris in the fall, or winter check to find out how the Paris apartment is heated. If the Paris building is heated centrally, ask to find out if the heat will be turned on by the time you arrive. Paris apartments rarely have thermostats Usually Paris apartments are heated by radiating heat in front of windows.

Make sure you get all the details before making a commitment to rent a Paris apartment. How will you be paying? Is there a deposit, are you paying via cash, credit card or Paypal? How will you get the keys to the Paris apartment?

Do you have the cell phone number of the person in charge of your Paris apartment? Will someone be available to welcome you in your Paris apartment if you arrive on Sunday? If so, be prepared for how you will make calls once you arrive in Paris. And finally make sure to read the terms and conditions of your Paris Apartment contract very carefully.

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