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March 25, 2010

Paris on a budget

There is no point in telling a lie. Like most European capitals, Paris can be an expensive city to stay in, but if you plan ahead and do some research before you travel, there are plenty of ways to see Paris on a budget.

The first and largest expense for most people on a holiday is accommodation. Basically, unless you are a student prepared to backpack and bed down in a Hostel with strangers, then you ae going to need a Hotel of some kind, and Hotels in any tourist destination in Europe can be expensive. However, don’t despair. The Internet was designed for people facing this dilemma, and if you surf the Net it is full of good deals on Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Paris, many offering special deals with prices that are not available apart from on the Net. So shop around, do your research on different areas, different Hotels, and the various websites available, and you can pick up some great bargains on Paris accommodation. Some do special weekend break deals, where you pay for two nights in an Hotel and get the third night free, while others offer bargains if you are prepared to pay for your accommodation a month or so before you arrive. Providing you are well insured against illness cancelling your trip for example, this is a great way to save money, and also get the biggest expense out of the way before you actually arrive in Paris. It is also well worth considering renting an apartment if you are in Paris for a week or more. These can also be found cheaply on the Net, but usually want a stayof at least one week, so they are not viable just for a long weekend.

Another good way to save money ofnaccommodation and keep well within your budget, is to stay outside of the City centre. If cou stay on the Champs Elysees for example, you will obviously be paying sometimes double the acceptable nightly rate just to be in a so-called desirable location. But travel on the Paris metro is cheap and easy, so you can always find a nice Hotel about four or five miles from the main City, and still get into the centre cheaply and easily on public transport. It is also wise to check your dates carefully before you travel, as some periods of time are obviously far more expensive than others. Try and avoid weeks incorporating the first and last weekends in May for example, as they are Public Holidays in Europe and many more people than normal go away for the weekend. Likewise the second week in October, which is a school holiday in the UK, and the first week of June

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