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June 26, 2010

Restaurant reviews: Fino, Austin, Texas

Fino Austin, Texas

You know when you just know? Is is a gut feeling? Or women’s intuition? Who knows, but you just know. I do not have a plethora of talents, although when it comes down to “it” spots, I know. I know where to go. Be it a first trip to Paris and initiating the visit with a cocktail upon arrival at 10 a.m. I knew about Harry’s Bar, the birth place of the bloody mary, which fit the bill perfectly after an eleven hour flight. Or, if the parents are in town for the weekend, go to Green Pastures or the original Salt Lick. I just know where to go. So, when it was time to choose a happy hour destination one recent weekday evening, I knew just the place to go.

My friend graciously allowed me to choose the libation venue that evening even though it was her day off. I knew where I wanted to go, but welcomed any suggestions. I did not want to appear pushy since each time we get together we usually end up at my choice of watering holes. I knew what I wanted and I did not want amateur hour. I wanted service, atmosphere and good quality cocktails. I knew just the place to go. We inched our way through Lamar traffic and arrived at Fino.

Emmett and Lisa Fox’s passion for fine food and travel are undeniable from the moment you reach the top of the stairs leading up to the sprawling patio. And service is spot on. We were greeted within moments as we reached the landing of the staircase. Seating was offered on the inviting outdoor patio or inside at a well set table. Since the summer has been gentle on us Austinites we chose the patio at a comfy padded teak sofa with matching cocktail tables. Delicate wooden shades were drawn just so to keep the early evening sun at bay while allowing the light to shine through. Hip tunes pumped through the speakers at the most appropriate volume as to not interfere with conversion all while supplementing atmosphere.

On this particular Wednesday evening only a few tables were occupied both inside and out, but quickly filled up nicely in just a moment’s time. At the adjacent tables a few ladies who seemed as though they just finished work at a possible nearby office gabbed amongst themselves, while another table was occupied by a quiet couple enjoying a bottle of wine and some dinner. Soon the couches next to us filled with some of Austin’s better looking crowd. And as each guest approached the top of the staircase onto the landing, without missing a beat, the host magically appeared and welcomed each one.

Our server

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