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April 11, 2010

Save Money Visiting Paris: Rent an Apartment

Paris is an amazing destination. Millions visit Paris every year, and it’s no wonder why; the city of lights features numerous memorable attractions, outstanding dining, and a traditional flair that is hard to find anywhere else on the planet. For all these reasons, Paris is also remarkably expensive to visit.

That’s where long term apartments can come in handy. There are literally thousands of short and long term apartments available throughout the city, and generally, the longer you plan on staying, the greater your savings.

There are a number of advantages to renting an apartment when visiting Paris. First, it’s a much more authentic experience. You are actually experiencing Paris like a Parisian, up close and personal. Generally, you’ll find yourself in a charming neighborhood surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and often, a museum or other tourist attraction.

And don’t worry, renting an apartment is almost as convenient as going to a hotel. In most cases, a friendly manager is waiting to greet you and show you to your apartment as soon as you arrive. In fact, they will often offer to arrange a taxi from the airport, just to make sure you arrive in comfort.

And while the comforts of most hotels are quite appealing, apartments are usually larger and have additional amenities such as kitchens, stereos and televisions, and larger bathrooms.

It is important to have a list of requirements before you begin looking for Paris accommodation. Every apartment is unique, and not every one will be ideally suited to your personality or requirements. Keep in mind how many bedrooms you require, what type of bed you are looking for, even whether you need or want a television in the room. There is great variety available, offering every combination you might be looking for.

Apartments are a viable option whether you are staying for a week, for several weeks, or for several months. Generally, hotels rates in Paris start at 150 euros per night. That can get quite expensive over a few weeks. Apartments on the other hand, can start as low as 50 euros a night, and usually you will receive a greater discount the longer you stay.

As for which neighborhood is the best, that’s really up to you. Generally, I try to arrange accommodation within districts 1 through 5, as these are the most convenient for accessing attractions, shopping, and outstanding dining.

There are hundreds of sites dedicated to showcasing Paris apartments for tourists. Most of these site provide pictures, descriptions, and maps to show you the apartment and surrounding area. When it comes time to pay, simply use your credit card, much as you would when booking a hotel.

I do recommend to anyone planning a visit to Paris to search through online forums relating to tourism in Paris or about visiting Paris. These forums can be a great resource for answering key questions about the city, the people, the attractions and transportation. Recommendations from other people will make your visit complete.

When you visit Paris as a tourist, you want be immersed in the history, the wonderful culture, and the amazing architecture. Regardless of how long you are thinking of staying, renting an apartment in Paris will save you a significant amount of money. This will ensure you spend your time enjoying your time in Paris, instead of wondering how you will pay for your accommodation.

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