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April 5, 2010

Ten Tips for Renting a Paris Vacation Apartment

Officially known as the City of Light, Paris boasts over 27 million visitors per year and has the honor of being the most visited city in the world.One of the best ways to explore Paris is to rent a vacation apartment. With all the comforts of home, renting a vacation apartment. allows you the comfort of home living and eliminates the hassles and frustrations oftentimes associated with hotel accommodations. However, there are some things you need to know before you rent a vacation apartment.

When planning a trip to Paris do your homework. Decide what area(s) you will visiting and become familiar with the different beaches. Not all vacation apartment rentals are the same, so it is critical to know where desirable locations are. You want to choose a vacation apartment rental that is safe and well maintained.

When looking for a vacation apartment rental in Paris it’s important to clarify exactly where the property is located when responding to ads that use terms such as view, steps to the metro, or near all major sites. Scrutinize these terms and obtain clarity before acceptance of any rental agreement. Google Earth is a great resource to obtain satellite views of vacation apartment rental locations.

Vacation with friends and share expenses. Many Paris vacation apartment rentals accommodate up to 10 or more people. These larger homes oftentimes provide extra amenities such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, spas, maids and butlers.. Most vacation apartment rentals are attractively furnished and include basic amenities such as cooking appliances and cookware, linens and towels, televisions, stereos, telephones, and Internet access.

Most Paris vacation apartment rentals are offered by private individuals or property management organizations and can be rented daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or for an entire season. Most vacation apartment rentals can be found by searching the Internet or through advertisements in local newspapers and travel magazines. To locate local newspapers type in US Newspaper List at your favorite search engine. Additionally, people frequently turn to Craig’s List as a source for vacation apartment rentals all across the U.S.

When renting a vacation apartment from a private individual, plan on spending time conversing with the individual and ask a lot of questions. Obtain a list of references and contact them. Find out if pets or smoking are allowed. If you are a smoker, find out if indoor smoking is allowed, as some property owners will retain your security deposit if you smoke inside. If you are not a smoker, be certain to obtain a guarantee that the house is smoke-free. Many non-smokers have allergies to cigar and cigarette smoke and you don’t want to rent a house that has allowed indoor smoking. The same holds true for pets. If you are allergic to animals, make certain that no animals have been allowed in the rental home.

Once you decide upon your vacation apartment rental, obtain a written contract that clearly states the terms. Generally, a security deposit is required within 10 days from the date you make the reservation and final payment is due two weeks prior to arrival. Many vacation apartment rental properties require a deposit equal to or greater than the weekly rental. Although this deposit is generally refundable, there are a few renters who do not refund it. Additionally, some renters charge a higher deposit and rental rate for individuals with pets, children and smokers.

Make certain your contract includes a written confirmation of your travel dates, the amount of the rental, time of arrival and check-out, cancellation fee, and exactly what is covered. For example, does the rental include an airport transfer or will that be a separate expense? Will you receive a refund if a hurricane or other natural disaster occurs before you plan to arrive? Are house cleaning expenses covered or do you need to clean the house prior to departure?

Be aware of local laws. Depending on where you plan to stay during your visit to Paris, it’s a good idea to research the area and familiarize yourself with local laws. Some apartments allow people to smoke, while others charge a hefty fine if you light up.

Rent during the off-season. Many people enjoy renting a vacation apartment when visiting Paris particularly during the winter months. However, you can save a considerable amount of money if you wait until the off-season to rent. Paris’s off-season falls between May and October, while the peak season falls between November and April.

Invest in travel insurance. Let’s face it things can go wrong when vacation time rolls around. Even the most carefully laid plans can be interrupted by unexpected illness, travel delay, emergency evacuation, or lost luggage. Trip insurance policies are designed for travelers going on a single trip. They can be used for cruises, tours, flights, house rentals, medical emergencies and more.

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