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May 13, 2010

The best Italian restaurants in Montreal, QC

Montreal is one of the best cities in which you can find exceptional Italian restaurants. What are the reasons? Here are a couple:

Well, we have a big Italian community in Montreal. After the Second world war, many Italians fled their devastated home country to find better quality of life. One of the places where they knew they would find it was Montreal. Like many immigrants who have difficulty with the language of their country of adoption, they open businesses if they want to earn a living and feed their family. This is the way we ended up with many Italian, and many other Chinese/Vietnamese, restaurants here.

One of the other reasons is that Montreal is a restaurant town. If you have traveled over the world, you know that Montreal is a city where you eat very well for much less money than other big cities like New York and Paris. Montrealers love to eat well and they love ethnic cuisine. Italian cuisine is probably one of the cuisine that is more popular. We have Little Italy in the northern part of town around St-Laurent and St-Zotique streets. Montrealers are very fussy about their restaurants.

Another reason is the fact that Italians are very proud of their establishment when they own a restaurant. The service and quality of the food is often times superior to other restaurants. I often notice that the whole family is involved in the ownership and running of the restaurant. You notice that they don’t sell out when the restaurant becomes succesful. It often remains in the family for many years.

I will talk about one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal that has all the reasons I have listed above. The restaurant’s name is Dimenna and is located on Jarry street a little west of Langelier. It has been in business for over 40 years and is still owned by the Dimenna family. I started going there with my parents when I was around 8 years old, I am now 40, when they were just a little hole-in-the-wall in a small shopping outlet where you have 4 or stores next to each other. We went there to eat pizza. We were middle class and they did not spend much money on restaurants when we were younger and pizza was the perfect thing for eating out. It was excellent and not too expensive. Their pizza is still the best I have eaten anywhere else! They expanded around the 80’s if I remember correctly and became a fine dining restaurant, still with the best pizza in town.

When I go there, I always am treated well by the waiters. There is still Nicole working there after more than 30 years! The food is also very good. Their table d’hote begins at around 20 and goes up to 40$ but has an appetizer, entree, coffee and dessert. Their seafood antipasto is simply great. They only serve fresh food. I always go back about once a year for veal pizzaiola. It is the best I have eaten also.

I think this is why Montreal is known as a restaurant town for foodies. You know you can find restaurants where quality and not popularity is the most important thing!

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