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June 7, 2010

The difference between a good restaurant and a bad one

Restaurants can be good, bad or fabulous. In order to find the fabulous, one must look to a city of diners who refuse to settle for less than a perfect meal.

Paris, New York,Montreal, San Francisco come to mind. Most who live and dine in these cities are extremely critical and demanding. This makes the competition huge and in order for a restaurant to survive they must strive for satisfaction from their customers.

The next time you are served a meal with rudeness, or served inferior food, be sure to voice your disapproval. No, don’t make a scene, but be sure you make it known to the management that you do not accept inferior service and or food.

Loud music, dirty clothed waiters, rushed service, half cooked food? Not something you should allow in your presence. The passive diner who merely leaves and decides not to return is actually contributing to support this poor food, service and restaurant style.

I have lived in Orange County California for over fifty years and can barely find a restaurant worth the price of the meal. I am convinced it is because the customers have learned to accept this and so nothing will ever improve.

When I travel to other cities and discover the thrill of good and enjoyable eating once again, I feel compelled to try and change the attitude that prevails here in Orange County in California.

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