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April 18, 2010

The most overrated tourist attractions in Paris, France

Many of us have dreamed of visiting Paris since childhood. Visions of historical marvels and romantic walks filled our imaginations. Paris is more than a city in a foreign country. Paris is the ideal.

Is it any wonder then that when many of us arrive, we are somewhat underwhelmed by it all? The museums are never quite as breathtaking as they were in our dreams. The towers not nearly so high as we imagined them while lying in a tub and dreaming of the perfect get away. Perhaps the marvels are Paris are indeed quite marvelous. Unfortunately, my imagination proved more talented than their architects were.

The Seine was beautiful and my husband and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was subconsciously comparing it to my expectations. It disappointed. The Notra Dame stands next to the Seine and is without question an awe inspiring tribute to Gothic architecture. The intricacies, the organ, the thoughtfulness with which it was built. These sights were all breathtaking. But I only realize that now. At the time I remember feeling disappointed.

The Eiffel Tower seemed shorter than it should have been. St. Paul’s cathedral was not as proud and strong as I had expected. The food was a bit too French for my taste and the ambiance was that of normal people doing normal every day things. Why did I expect everyone to kiss and hold hands all day?

There are many Paris attractions I would have labeled as underrated when I returned home from my trip. I now realize that my imagination had created expectations that were unrealistic and unfair. Paris is not larger than life. It is simply a beautiful place full of history and opportunities to create many treasured memories. Plan your trip, visit all of the wonderful landmarks and enjoy every lovely moment that you spend there. Arrive with eyes that are open to the beauty and leave your imagined fantasies at home. Only then will you be able to see and appreciate the wonder that is Paris.

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