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March 25, 2010

Tips To Get an Affordable Car Rental in Global City Of Paris

Paris, the largest city and capital of the France situated by the River Seine is an important international city for two millennium in politics, business, education, entertainment, fashion, science eventually in every sphere of life its effect and importance cannot be ignored. It is truly a global city. It is Europe’s biggest city in terms of economy and fifth in the world’s list of cities by GDP. In tourism, it is unparallel to any of the International city and is one of the favorite destinations is visited by nearly 30 million tourists every year. City in abundance is land marked as world famous institutions and popular parks are situated here in Paris.

Geographically, Paris is situated by the north-bending arc of the river Seine and includes two islands, the Ile Saint-Louis and the larger Ile de la Cite. The city has many important hills and its highest point is at Montmarte at 130m (427 feet) above the sea level. The climate of Paris is oceanic as affected by the North Atlantic Current as waves between extremely high and low temperatures. Summers, here are warm with average temperature of 25 degree Celsius and winters with average temperature of 3 °C and rain can occur at any period of the year, however, with sudden shower.

By any reason, it is the best place on the Earth to be visited by any traveler as he can see all the best wonders of life to enjoy in Paris. To visit the city, he can either depend on public mode of transport including Taxi cabs or can rent a car in Paris to make his tour comfortable and full of leisure. In Paris, for renting a car you can seek help from a car renting agency that offers car hiring services in form of lending an automobile after charging fee for a shorter period of time and span. These car rental agencies can either be itself a car rental company or branch of a big car rental agency with an operational office in your city. In case you have no time to visit shop of car renting agency you can hire care of your choice from the number of websites offering online Car Rental Services.

However, getting a car on rent in not that much easy as one would have to pass by a number of conditions applied by a car renting agency. Firs of all, you should be a driver of minimum of 25 years of age then only you are eligible for driving a car in Paris or any other city on the Earth. To check out the habit of speed savvy driver now cars are equipped with GPS system. Or you car rental agency ask you advance over on your credit card for the safety of their vehicle. This way, finally, you can get car from the agency that keep fleets of the car or from the company that works on broker model.

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