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April 3, 2010

Travel destinations: Paris, France

A Paris Vacation:

If you plan your vacation to Paris, the City of Ligths, a beacon of culture, correctly, it will be a delightful inexpensive life fulfiling experience. The capital of art, fashion, food, literature and nouvel ideas, it is a symbol of all things fine that civilization has to offer. Prepare yourself to celebrate life, cultural differences, and you’ll capture the romance and passion for life that is offered in Paris.

Paris Outline:

Paris has a population of 2 million, and is split in two by the Seine River. It is divided into 20 arrondissements or districts. If you wish to navigqte Paris, you need to know which side of the Seine river you’re on, which arrondissement you’re in, and which Metro stop you’re closest to. If you’re north of the river, you’re on the Rive Droite or Right Bank. If you’re south of it, you’re on the Rive Gauche or Left Bank. Notre-Dame sits on an island in the middle of the Seine. Nearly all the sightseeing is located within five blocks of the Seine River.

Arrondisements are numbered, starting at the Louve and moving in a clockzise spiral out. The last two digits in a Parisian zip code are the arrondissement number. The abreviation for “Metro stop” is “Mo.” Paris Metro stops are used as a standard aid in giving directions, even for those not using the Metro. Upon arriving at any Paris airport, take the RER, suburban train, into Paris for 8 Euros, disembark at the Metro stop, St. Paul, in Marais, arrondissement 4.

Paris Hotel:

Reserve a bed at the one of the three historical and aristocratic residences clustered a few blocks south of rue St Antoine. It is the MIJE (The Maison Internationalde de la Jeunesse et des Etudiants) youth hostel in Marais exactly 45 days prior to commencing your vacation. Each is very well maintained, with simple, clean, single sex, one to four bed rooms for travelers of any age. All rooms have showers and internet access. All prices are per person: Rooms with a single bed and bath are 46 Euros, Rooms with two single beds and bath are 34 Euros, Rooms with three single beds and bath are 30 Euros, and rooms zith four single beds and bath are 29 Euros. Although this hostel will accepts cash payments only, it is free to reserve a room on-line. This youth hostel does not require a deposit. Your payment includes breakfast, a baguette, butter, jam, juice, coffee and cocoa. Dinners are available, as well, at the MIJE Fourcy for only 11 Euros. In order to make reservations,

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