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June 16, 2010

Travel experiences: Road trip tales

It was 1989 and we set of on our journey of our life time ,we had packed our bags put the kids in the back of our car, and off we set , we where of to France for the very first Time.the journey had been planned to military precision ,first stop at the first service station to meet our friends, we had planned this holiday together some six months ago, next with Tom and Lynne in toe not forgetting Richard there son who was the same age as Stephan our son. we set off.

The next stop was 160 miles on the out skirts of London where we had a break ,the day was sunny and the kids were excited as only kids can be, dad dad come on we want to go they where shouting, so with a sigh of we set again this time the next stop was dover and on to the ferry ,for the short ride across the channel . Soon we where in France and of we set for the long journey a head ,slowly we headed out on to the French motorway ,soon we where picking up speed and the country side was fast passing by ,we had planned to go through Paris, but as it was night and Tom was getting a bit tired he stopped.I decided to carry on and that we would meet at the campsite in Burgundy next day ,so of I set again soon we saw signs for Charles De Gaul airport on the out skirts of Paris , as we were on a motorway every now and then you have to pay a toll to carry on as we stopped at the toll booth the french woman asked us where we where going. I said Lyon Madame she said Paris, I said Lyon she said Paris ,I said getting rather exasperated ,non madam Lyon.With that the poor woman throw up her hand in despair and mouthed words of stupid English man.

It was only after I had left the motorway and was following the road sign that said Lyon, that I realized that the poor woman was trying to tell me that the quickest way to Lyon was though Paris, no wonder she was calling me a stupid English man ,and after driving for at least 4 hours more than I needed to I was starting to agree with her ,well my wife was to say the least. T

The next stop was the camp site at Burgundy. and we all met up again ,and after a good days rest and a good nights sleep of we set again. We headed this time to Lyon with tom in toe we where soon clocking up the miles ,i looked as the speedo and I was doing at least 100 miles an hour, as I glanced in my mirror I realized that toms wife was driving , with a big grin on her face and tom looking rather ashen.Tom you see is a plodder bless him, and takes life rather slowly and there was me and is wife going like the clappers ,for fun I speeded up and Lyn bless her ,was keeping up with me,soon we were in Lyon and we stopped for a break ,Tom got out of the car grim faced, and grabbed the keys of Lyn needless to say she did not drive a gain ,she glanced at me and gave me a look as if to say thats your fault, and I suppose it was .

We looked at the map and we were close to the alps. So we decided to go over them to nice where we had our camp site ,so off we set very very big mistake. This was at 12 noon and at 9 30 at night we landed at our campsite, absolutely dog tied,what we for got was ,every road in the alps goes back on its self so you can travel 2 miles, and look down or up and you in the same place, well any body can make a mistake, as I told every body.At the end of 2 days of truly heavy road traveling we where at our campsite. And next day our holiday could start ,what happened on the way back I hear you ask well thats another story one, day I will tell you about it.

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