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March 22, 2010

Vacation Like you Mean It in a Paris Apartment

Paris is a city of varying moods and endlessly enchanting sights and sounds, meaning that each time you visit you could encounter a whole new array of experiences. Thus, if you’ve been before you won’t risk boredom by traveling here again, and if you’ve never made the trip, well, let’s just say you should try to change that as soon as possible. Immerse yourself in the rich, layered, absorbing atmosphere of this romantic city by choosing to stay in a unique apartment that will complement the lovely time that you are sure to have and also mirror the unmatchable personality of Paris itself.

The decision to head to Paris is a simple one to make; it is a place treasured by the French and people from all other countries as well. Just take a look around at all of the books, movies, art, and music that have been influenced by the City of Light, and you’ll find yourself drawn here just to see what all the fuss is about. And choosing to live like a local will reward you with a highly absorbing dip into all that there is to do, so get ready to see things from a perspective more exciting than the average tourist can claim to have had.

Quite literally, this vantage point could be two stories above a bustling cobblestone street filled with bakeries and cafes. Perfect for families or two couples, this particular apartment has been furnished in a modern, sophisticated fashion and is cozy without being cramped. Sip a glass of wine while looking out over the balcony as the locals go about their daily business, fix a quick meal of bread and cheese in the granite-themed kitchen, and rest comfortably in a soft bed after an event-filled day of touring the nearby neighborhood of Montmartre. This is just one of many scenarios you could be living if you choose to take the time to explore your vacation rental options while in Paris.

Studios are available if you feel like living the romantic life of an artist, but houses and larger apartments can also be obtained in virtually every region of the city. There are many hidden-away gems and jewels, so pick the arondissement that most appeals to you and take it from there. For example, the Latin Quarter will keep you close to the Rue Mouffetard, the Pantheon, and the Place de la Contrescarpe. If you are unfamiliar with these names and the vibrant, historic elements that have made them famous, you will be pleasantly surprised by what greets you as you step outside your door for a session of strolling and sightseeing. Time will fly as you window shop, dine, and observe the singular French way of doing things, so hopefully you’ve booked several days in this privileged space.

You’ll never tire of putting your feet up in your elegant living room and think of the duller life you are supposed to be living. Savor the chance to live incognito for a while, and be as cool as possible about living like a normal apartment dweller. Shop next to the locals for your daily greens, baguettes, and wine, but don’t be surprised if you take more pleasure in these mundane activities than they do. If only they knew how much fun you were having, and how much you appreciate having the chance to be Parisian, if only for a bit.

Keep smiling as you engage in the standard tourist activities; even the locals have been to the Louvre and sneak a glance at the Eiffel Tower every now and then, so it’s okay to marvel at the deserved wonders. You’ll likely have access to all the hotspots of the city from your humble abode, so investigate the bus and subway options that can take you where you need to go. Again, engaging in everyday activities before the stunning backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful cities might give you unnatural pleasure, so enjoy it while it lasts. If you must, continue to remind yourself that you’re in Paris, and that’s why being jostled along with commuters or buying orange juice feels so wonderfully different.

As you climb the stairs to your artsy apartment or open the door to your backyard garden, you will be glad to have rented a place that, in the spirit of this great city, welcomes and engages you in unexpected ways. Take some time to go online and research the Paris Apartments waiting to exceed your expectations and deliver you to a whole new world of travel choices.

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