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August 14, 2010

Where Are The Best Places To Visit In Paris France

It is not surprising that France is the top tourist destination in the world. This is largely as a result of the massive attractions it has to offer to every type of traveller. France offers a spectacular variety of scenery from the mountain ranges of the Alps and Purenees to the beautiful river valleys of the Loire, Rhone, and Dordogne and the flatter countryside of Normandy and the Atlantic Ocean.

The capital city of France, Paris, has a population of about 2.2 million people and the major language here is definitely French but English is widely used too. However, there are travel packages available in other languages including Chinese and Russian and Arabic. This capital city of France is fondly referred to as the city of light in reference to its international cultural centre. There are more than 80 museums and more than 200 art galleries in Paris. Some of the most famous are the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Pompidou Centre, and the Picasso Museum.

Paris is a great tourist destination for any visitor seeking its cold weather in December and January or the summer climate around August. Winter draws skaters and snowboarders from all over the world. The beautiful French Alps and mountain resorts are often filled out at the drop of the first snow ball.

To get around Paris, the citys elaborate public transport network will get you wherever you desire. It is very convenient although there is also the option of hiring taxis or using the interesting bicycle transport, synonymous with this marvellous city.

Paris is full of landmark monumental attractions that are world marvels. The Eiffel Tower, the tallest iron building in Paris, is without a doubt top on the list of these attractions. It is built next to the landmark Seine River and both blend well to give this city a scenic view from either side of the tower. Disneylaand Paris, the Grand Palais, Palais Royal and Paris Fountains are some of the many landmark attractions in Paris.

What is a visit to Paris without indulging in its famous cuisine? The French are known the world over for their exciting but absolutely well priced wine and delicacies. There are many top notch restaurants around Paris and some of the most popular include Sale e Pepe, Chez Toinette and LaTute among others. You will also get an opportunity to learn how to cook some of the most famous French delicacies when you take classes at some first class cooking classes all over the city. Cookn With Class is one of the places where visitors in big numbers flock for that elusive cooking technique.

Major cultural events in Paris such as fashion shows draw people in large numbers coming to witness first hand the newest fashion introductions. Art exhibitions are another major attraction as Paris and France in general is known for both fashion and art.
In Paris, you will have a wide selection of hotels from the 600 found here for accommodation. They cater for all kinds of pocket as they range from first-star to five-star. Besides hotels, you can opt to rent an apartment, a residence, a villa or a guest house

There is exhaustingly so much to do and many places to visit in Paris. From beautiful parks, gardens, to the art galleries, museums and historical monuments. The next time you think about taking a vacation, embrace the spirit of the most colourful city in the world and fly off to Paris.

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