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May 28, 2010

Where to eat when you cant decide what food youre in the mood for

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Easy … go to a buffet restaurant. As a retiree with a bit of money and practically no brains, I go to Las Vegas about once a month. I do a bit a low-level gambling, see a cheap show, watch the free stuff like shooting fountains and battling pirate babes, and just people watch the tourists as they rush around trying to get rid of the family fortunes and find places to chow down.

However, by far the most enjoyable part of Las Vegas for me is its enormous selection of buffets. When I first stared regular visits to Sin City some 15 years ago, even the most attractive buffet in the most upscale hotel cost $5 for breakfast, $7 for lunch and $10 for dinner. Now, as in all of America, inflation has buffeted (different meaning) Las Vegas.

You can still find relatively cheap buffets in downtown hotels, seedy motels and in outlying malls, but most Strip resorts now charge much higher prices. A typical breakfast is $10, lunch is $15 and dinner is $25. For some reason, Las Vegas prices are always like those frustrating and cheating gas station price listings: breakfast $9.99, lunch $14.99, etc. Is anyone really fooled by the attempt to make prices look cheaper? Of course, gas stations cheat you while Las Vegas buffets fill you.

I can’t name all the Las Vegas buffets here, but if you’re in that all-day and all-night town and can’t decide what kind of fare you want, just about any one of them will offer large varieties of American and foreign dishes. You can pick and choose as much or as little as you want from each of the food stations, and go back for more and more.

My favorite for seafood is the enormous buffet at the Rio Hotel; my favorite for continental cousine is at the Paris Hotel, and if you yearn for good ole American fare that is maybe a half-step up from chuckwagon chow, try Circus Circus. Of course, they are just a very few of what Las Vegas buffets have to offer the hungry diners. Especially those who can’t decide what food mood he/she is in at the moment hunger strikes.

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