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April 21, 2010

Where to Stay in Paris?

Did you know that there are over 3,000 vacation apartments available in Paris? Yes, there are many sources on the Internet to explore such as VRBO and Craig’s List but how do you know if a source is reputable? It’s internationally recognized that Paris is known for having the smallest standard hotel rooms (average is 100 sq ft). If that information doesn’t steer you to world of vacation apartments, nothing will.

A Paris vacation apartment allows you the freedom to immerse yourself in Parisian culture, much like role playing. There are no distractions, and best of all, loads of privacy. As a renter, one is faced with risks. Yes, arriving in Paris and finding things have been exaggerated is definitely a possibility, and having no recourse. It’s actually mind boggling when you begin to think about all the potential for disappointment even in Paris, the City of Light when booking a Paris vacation apartment.

It’s no secret that crime is common in hotels. The new twist is that some hotel thieves now take just one credit card when they find a wallet in a room and leave everything else untouched. Often, the victim doesn’t notice the card is missing until the credit line is maxed out. No one will ever enter your vacation apartment unless you have scheduled additional maid service.

Hotel rooms are infested with germs. Certain items in hotel rooms never get cleaned. Trouble spots include the TV remote control, telephone and clock radio. Also while reputable hotels provide fresh linens, bedspreads mights e cleaned only once every few months. Vacation apartments tend to provide a more extensive cleaning since the staff is focused on one apartment. Nonetheless, I recommend traveling with a package of antibacterial wipes and clean these items when you arrive.

So, what’s the bottom line? There are obvious things to mull over when considering a Paris vacation apartment rental, should you stay in a value focused vacation apartment in Paris or a luxury apartment in Paris or a luxury Paris hotel, but in the end a reputable agency with real references from previous clinets, you can actually check is golden. Anyone can use a friend as a reference, but former guests will always tell you the good, bad and ugly about the Paris vacation rental.

However, this is not always an easy task and you’ve got enough on your mind planning your Paris vacation to have to worry about your Paris apartment. My solution, and the reason agencies like Paris Luxe Apartments exist is to offer you peace of mind. Do yourself a favor and seek out a professionally managed US based agency offering multiple Paris rentals. Make sure the agency accepts credit cards and doesn’t over exaggerate how perfect the apartment is. Another good bet is try to bond with your booking agent. Most likely the agent has seen the apartment and if he or she is any good will give you the honest lowdown, since they are paid on commission and referrals. Most importantly, an agency specializing in Paris apartments is accountable for your experience and have on-site Paris staff to deal with any issues. Yes, there will always be issues,don’t kid yourself, nothing is perfect but who know maybe you are very low maintenance but it is a vacation apartment in Paris so look for a company that will extend the needed TLC.

The reason I recommend Paris Luxe Apartments over other Paris Luxury Apartment agencies is that they are determined to offer luxury extras traditionally found in a Paris hotel. This is guaranteed to make your Paris vacation apartment stay unforgettable. If there are problems try to immediately have them resolved in Paris since the agency wants your repeat business, they will go overboard to satisfy you.

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