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April 5, 2010

Which countrys food is the best? Why?

France hands down! Why? because french food is varied, unlike others like Italian, Germans that constantly stay with the same ingredients, like in Italy where everything starts with tomato sauce and ends with it, the Germans are all sourkrauts and potatoes..

In France, because it’s a country that is bordered by Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain, the french living close to the frontiers of those different other cultures have assimilated them to their own cooking. And with the influx of refugees from North Africa, both Arabs and French, this also has added to the french fares with Couscous, Paella’s etc. Even in the famous “Hotel de Paris” in Monaco, they now serve Couscous to please the many rich Arab clients there.

As you get close to the Belgian border, the people there tend to cook a lot “frites”, those famous Belgian french fries that the Belgians can’t seem to do without. They are also a source of many french jokes..Then you have the Alsatiens, close to the German frontier whose cooking copy those of their neighbors with Sauerkrauts, dumplings, the best being the “Baekoff” (not sure of the spelling) where many meats are mixed with potatoes and cooked slowly in the oven for hours. Added to this the Alsatiens have also many wonderful deserts like struddels, varied fruit pies etc, and a bread that somewhat ressemble the Jewish “Challah” found in our stores on friday evenings.

Then as you get close to the Eastern side of Provence ,close to the Italian frontier, in Nice, Menton, etc, you will find many Italian dishes featured on the restaurant’s menu, pasta being the least of them for everyone has it’s own spaghetti recipes. Nice has wonderful open air market, where you will find many Italian ingredients; Then as you go towards the Spanish border, that’s where you’ll find the Paellas and many other rice dishes.

And so as I said earlier that is the beauty of French cooking! for they use many other recipes besides their own, thus making the varieties, more enjoyable!

As for my self I hope you’ll believe this, but being born in Algiers, No Africa, where the cooking was as varied as the people living there at the time-of French or Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Jewish descents, added to the Arabic dishes, I brought all those recipes with me, to America, But then as if were not enough I married a man of Slovak origin so from his wonderful Aunt Eleanor, who was by far the best cook I ever met… I learned to make those mittle European dishes, like Gulashes, Dumplings, struddles etc. And so finally I would have to admit that the best food finally, the best recipes, irregardless of it’s origin are the ones cooked with love! Try it next time, it really works!

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