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March 21, 2010

Why food is the ultimate gift


Food is the ultimate gift a) because it’s something everybody needs and b) because you keep needing more of it!

Firstly, everybody needs food to live. Now, not everybody like to receive a practical gift, but that is the wonderful thing about food – it can be ordinary, like a hamper of basic items for a student, or extra-ordinary like hand-dipped chocolates – especially chosen in and brought home from Paris.

One of the interesting things about food is the amount of psychological tension it brings. We are all told not to eat this, that and the other, but if someone brings it as a gift – well, it would be rude to refuse, wouldn’t it? And after all, it’s a special occasion, and it’s OK to break the rules once in a while. In this way, someone who wouldn’t normally be seen drinking fine wine, snacking on fondant brazils, or sucking real fruit jellies, will quite happily indulge when they are presented them as a gift. The trick here is to find something the recipient really likes, but normally denies themselves.

One of the other ways food can become the ultimate gift is if you can find something that is not normally available. You might travel and pick up a local delicacy, or find something on an obscure website. If you are a cook, you could prepare a home-made version of something for your friends. Very often people are too busy to cook and will welcome home-made jams, cakes or pickles, which normally sell for a premium in fancy stores.

Secondly, food is always needed. Once it is gone, there is the opportunity to give more on the next special occassion. In this way, food is the ideal gift for the giver as well as the recipient, because you can always repeat the gift as it is eaten!

I think beautiful food, beautifully wrapped and presented is the ultimate gift, and I for one would be more than happy to receive both luxury and basic items for every birthday, anniversary and christmas!

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