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June 17, 2010

Wonders of Night Paris

There’s one interesting thing about night Paris. You can completely assimilate with the crowd. Or on the contrary stay alone with your beloved man even in the throng. So where to go with the partner when in Paris?

Remember that iron thing you have seen at the pictures a hundred times? This is the Eiffel Tower, pride and joy of France, the first lady of the country. Don’t hesitate to climb it! The wonderful views from the top are really worth that! On the way back have a dinner at the restaurant on the first floor. Nice meal and exquisite meal will be splendid final touches to the visit!

After calling on the Tower (or before that) go along the Seine. The breathtaking Paris sights are guaranteed. In fact the night trip will be one of the most romantic impressions for the sweethearts. By the way you can have a dinner during this water excursion.

Speaking about food, it’s necessary to mention that the French have always been famous for their cuisine. The choice of dishes is great, and they are cooked with love and skill. The process of taking meal is very important for every Frenchman as dinner is a nice chance not only to eat but also to talk to pleasant companions on many interesting topics.

The most luxurious place to dine at is Maxim, the famous Paris restaurant. Bear in mind that the dress-code is very strict. Besides you’ll have to book a table in advance.

But if you are in Paris for fun, go to the Latin Quarter. The place is famous for its impetuous fun. The students of the Sorbonne have been entertaining the people around for more than eight centuries. This is the only place in Paris where one can earn money or fame sitting at the terrace of a café all days long. Just as Hemingway, Fitzgerald or Sartre did. The narrow streets are filled with the air of Bohemia. Laughter, fun, lights, street musicians, mimes…that’s all about the Latin Quarter.

Another Bohemian place is the famous Montmartre. At night it resembles a big glowing ship. It is seen from every point of Paris, and the whole Paris can be seen from the hills of the Montmartre. A hundred years ago it used to be a small village with windmills and vineyards. That was a place of residence of the destitute French Bohemia, which later on became the pride of the country. The hills have always been the favourite dating place for the lovers. In fact it is still popular with the sweethearts. Thousands of tourists climb the hill to admire the beautiful views and to spend a night full of merriment.There are many places where one can have a nice time: numerous restaurants, cabarets, cafes are glad to welcome the guests.

One of the most famous places at the Montmartre is Moulin Rouge. The cabaret is well-known all over the world, crowds of tourists come here every day. The merry and frivolous dancing girls, drinks, the atmosphere of revelry…Mark Twain has someday compared the cabaret evenings to the witches’ Sabbath.

The entrance ticket is not cheap, it costs about 100 $, if you want to have a hearty dinner you’ll have to pay another hundred. But the treat to visit the place is really worth it!

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